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Estate Planning

(BSR Analysis Element) to determine family needs and wishes. To include progeny from earlier relationships and to manage family expectations when developing the plans. To examine the impact of current Wills and enduring powers of attorney. To ensure that the succession arrangements built into companies and Trusts are in line with family intentions and to alter same when needed. To plan for asset protection for disabled and disadvantaged beneficiaries through structure control and testamentary Trusts and to consider quarantining family wealth from divorce settlements.

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Sean says

We are in business with my parents and brother. Some land had been transferred to my brother and I and we asked Jim to prepare a immediate exit strategy in case one of us had or wanted to withdraw. We sought bank finance to improve the land. Jim was able to do that plus discover a error in how the land was transferred that the bank had missed. Since then my brother has left the state and he is being paid out exactly as we set up; no argument.