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Business Succession Planning: the three over-arching principles:

  1. To protect your business capital, clients and staff from loss caused by unexpected breakdown of the owners working relationship
  2. To enhance the prospect of attracting new equity partners by providing an established immediate exit policy
  3. To increase the likelihood of successful transfer of business control as part of generation succession planning

Everything in the report process flows from these over-arching outcomes. I have developed and use nine analysis modules to achieve these outcomes. When the results of all fact finding and analysis are written up, this final document is known as a Business Succession Report or BSR .

I work with you and your advisors to identify, work up and write all recommendations, strategies (both short term and longer), and management rules found in your BSR.

The nine analysis modules developed by my consultancy are:

Your business may need three, or five; or maybe all of them. Each report will be different. This is because the number and degree of analyses used is dictated by your business situation and circumstances.

When we combine elements in a different combination - we get a different result, an unique plan, similar but not the same as other plans in other businesses. Just like your business, your report is individual.

It is this report process that has made our business succession planning so unique. BizSuccession Solutions produces a proprietary report that is individual, comprehensive and relevant for the business life of your company.

That portion of a BSR relating to immediate exit strategies provides instructions resulting in a binding agreement between all parties. This document is known as a Business Succession Agreement or BSA .