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Business Succession Report

This is the name given to the tailored report that is written up following the completion of all fact finding and analysis carried out by me with my client and their advisors.

These analysis modules are unique to my consultancy, having all been developed 'in house' since 2006. They allow you as a business owner to focus on those areas of concern to you so ensuring that as a consultant, I am working in the fields you have established during our initial meeting. Apart from an efficient use of my time and your costs, it furthers the individuality of my report to you.

The nine analysis modules are:bsr

  • Immediate Succession Strategies

  • Generation Succession Strategies

  • Initial Research

  • Business Valuation

  • Asset/Litigation protection

  • Intellectual Property

  • Insurance Funding Management

  • Legal Briefing & Liaison

  • Estate Planning (Family)

    Every business has differing needs and uses differing module combinations, and each module may need different depths during analysis.

    This means that each report is as individual as your business.


    Julie Says

    We are in a syndicate raised by us to purchase a commercial winery. Our accountant was concerned about potential withdrawal of capital and the effect this would have on our bank and remaining backers. Jim was asked to come in, sort it out and get written agreement from all parties as to the movement of capital. He delivered everything we needed and more. Every syndicate member was relaxed and so were our bankers. The legal side was set up by a solicitor of Jims suggestion and it was the simplest set of actions for us all to achieve security of investment.