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Business Capacity - Is the resources available to a business to underpin its activities including actual or potential ability to perform yield or withstand.


The flow of funds generated by the business as a result of receipts from debtors, payments to creditors, drawings and cash sales.

Closing down the business

Closing the doors, selling off the assets and paying off all debts.

Current assets

Include cash, short-term deposits, customers accounts, stock (includes work in progress, raw materials and finished goods), that will be converted into cash during the normal course of business within a year.

Current liabilities

Include short term debts such as bank overdraft, creditors and provisions set aside to pay taxation and other commitments, and expected to come due within one year of the Balance Sheet.

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Julie Says

We are in a syndicate raised by us to purchase a commercial winery. Our accountant was concerned about potential withdrawal of capital and the effect this would have on our bank and remaining backers. Jim was asked to come in, sort it out and get written agreement from all parties as to the movement of capital. He delivered everything we needed and more. Every syndicate member was relaxed and so were our bankers. The legal side was set up by a solicitor of Jims suggestion and it was the simplest set of actions for us all to achieve security of investment.