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handshakeJames Gould BizSuccession Solutions is a consultancy based in West Perth, Western Australia, providing advice as a business succession specialist.

Businesses owners and partnerships, like most things in life, are not immortal. Things happen in life. BizSuccessions' unique analysis process has - time and time again - proven to be the best way to manage adversity. From "bad blood" between partners in immediate difficulty to preserving capital value during longer term generation change.

Formal business succession planning is invaluable to all owners: sole, partnerships, arms length or family.  I work to three over-arching princples: (1) business protection of capital, staff and clients from immediate threat  (2) increasing opportunity for equity investment  (3) planning generation succession

Good planning must preserve owners capital and business viability.  If generation succession is not planned for, a fair sale may be difficult. If immediate succession clear and certain rules are not in place -  the business may be lost.  That fails both tests.

Through my consultancy I have successfully advised businesses as diverse as family-owned farms, wineries, retail franchisees, and professional service groups.
Because the only certain thing in life is change - don't let it catch you unprepared.


Andrew said

Jim pro­vided very sound and practical advice on what to do if one of the busi­ness partners wanted to leave. His Suc­ces­sion Agree­­ment elim­ina­ted any questions as to what would hap­pen and how it would hap­pen. Thanks Jim.